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Fall & Winter 2022

This page showcases each month's published Issue for  the 2022 Fall and Winter seasons.

Here, we feature published Issues by the Curieux Academic Journal. Each is listed below and labeled with its Issue number, month posted, and keywords that help illustrate the articles found in each Issue. Publications in this section focus on mental health, South Korean politics, the United Nations, and democracy in developing nations. This page is continually updated, so make sure to check back for new additions.

In the Fall and Winter seasons of 2022, we have gathered six Issues that highlight a single theme chosen by one of our editors, Navigating Global Crises: Lessons from Multilateral Cooperation. As emphasized by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and former Director General of the World Health Organization, "No single country can overcome the global challenges of our time alone. The solutions lie in collective action, collaborative research, and shared resources. Only through global partnership can we find sustainable and lasting solutions to the world's most pressing crises". 

Shown below are six issues, each of which contains articles that touch on the importance of collaboration and diplomacy in shaping a increasingly interconnected world. 

Wall Plates

September 2022

South Korea Politics, Eating Disorders, Gender Constructs, War Ethics

Fish in Envelope

October 2022

Mental Health, Sharks, Marine Biology, Democracy, Women In China

Greek Island

November 2022

European Art, Buildings, Smart Treadmill, Public Policy, Computer Vision


December 2022

Environmental Economics, Photovoltaic Cell Technology, Solar Panels

Graffiti on Painting

January 2023

Classical Art, Computer Ethics, Machine Learning, Smile Design, Public Policy

Chinese Medicine

February 2023

Food Nutrition, Spices, Apple GMO, Plant Biology and Research

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