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Open Positions

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We are currently offering open positions to dedicated high school and undergraduate students. If you are interested in science or humanities we encourage you to apply for any one of the positions listed below. We continually update this page to make sure to stay tuned for new positions!

Open Positions


Editors receive papers in teams: humanities and stem The role primarily includes providing constructive, thoughtful feedback to the writers and collaborating with other editors to decide among the submissions. Each editor will have areas of specialty and are expected to provide guidance to other editors on papers relating to their specialty. 

The time commitment for this role is 3-4 hours per week.

Preferred Qualifications: Previous editorial experience, strong writing skills, and strong knowledge and experience in a subject of interest.

Editorial Leader

Editorial leaders are expected to perform the same duties as an editor with the additional responsibility of managing either the humanities or stem editorial teams to meet deadlines and approve papers using collaboration. The input of all editors in deciding approved papers is highly encouraged and the team leader will be responsible for cultivating such an atmosphere. 

The time commitment for this role is around 5 hours per week. 

Preferred qualifications: Evidence of strong leadership skills and collaboration. Team leaders must be an editor first to prove that they are able to handle the role before additional responsibilities. Good work will be recognized at the editorial level but interest in the role must be expressed through email or slack in order to apply for the role.

Outreach Manager

The members of the outreach team are expected to actively search for and manage collaborations with high schools and other organizations, encouraging high school students to express themselves through published writings. 


The Time commitment for this role is around 1-2 hours per week.

Preferred experience: Evidence of collaboration skills and professionalism. 


Once papers are approved by the editors, the fact-checkers will ensure that the information included is accurate and not misleading. This is an integral part of our editorial process to feature only the best high school submissions in our issues. 

The time commitment is about 2 hours a week. 

Preferred qualifications: Consistent performance, work ethic, thoroughness, and previous experience in academic writing. 

Communication Manager

The communication lead is expected to answer questions and organize submissions through the journal’s email. It is expected that all emails are professional and present accurate information. They should also consistently check the Curieux Academic Journal Position google form and send the relevant information to the applicants, informing afterwards the Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor-in-Chief.


The time commitment is around 2 hours a week.

Preferred Qualifications: Evidence of organization, communication skills, and consistent performance.

Graphic artist/General Artist

The graphic artists are expected to create cover art for the journal’s issues inspired by its contents. Creating art for the website pages is also part of the graphic artists’ position. 


The time commitment is about 2 hours a week. 

Preferred qualifications: Previous graphic art experience, communication skills, consistent performance. 

Project Manager 

The project lead is expected to work to plan, organize and lead future projects related to this journal. He/She will be working closely with the editor-in-chief and assistant editor-in-chief to plan new projects and discuss future goals. 


The time commitment is around 2 hours a week.

Preferred Qualifications: Evidence of organization, communication skills, and creativity.

To apply to any one of these positions please click the button below and fill out the Google Form.

We will be in contact with you shortly!

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