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George Hasnah

George Hasnah is a currently a senior at Bishop Montgomery High school. He loves marine biology and has been researching climate change and marine sponge physiology for the past three years. Besides research, George plays volleyball and is interested in political science.   

Luiza Thomas
Editoral Lead

Luzia Thomas is a deeply curious high school senior from Kansas. She has a love for learning and is always discovering something new, either through research or out in nature! In her free time she loves to backpack, river raft, and read. Though it changes often, her current favorite subject is International Relations, especially as it relates to global issues like climate change.

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Olivia Li
Editoral Lead

Olivia Li is a senior studying at Tsinghua International School in Beijing, China. She adores anything related to sociology, history, and literature. In school, Olivia can often be found passionately discussing social issues and spreading her love and knowledge on the theory intersectionality. In her free time, Olivia is drawing, snoozing, or gazing at stars.

Shefali Awasthi

Shefali Awasthi is a senior at Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics & Engineering Technologies in New Jersey. She is an aspiring computer science engineer with a passion for journalism. Shefali is the Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper and enjoys spending her free time reading the classics and playing the cello. You will never see her without a cup of coffee!

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Rishi Gadikota

Rishi is a junior currently studying in Gainesville,FL. Rishi hopes to pursue a career in medicine and/or biomedical research. His hobbies include playing basketball, ping-pong, and piano.

Abby Bleish

Abby Bleish is a junior from Kansas. She is constantly searching for new experiences, whether it be trying different foods or traveling to unique places! Outside of school, Abby loves connecting to her community through all types of community service and is very passionate about protecting the environment. Abby is quite the star-gazer and has big dreams of becoming an astronaut one day

Nam Train

Nam Tran is a freshman at Westfield high school passionate in the humanities. He is interested in majoring in history. Outside of Academia, he enjoys running cross country and playing the Piano.

Nathan Ming

Nathan Ming is a current junior at Los Gatos High School. He enjoys science research and is currently working as an intern in a bioengineering lab, as well as in a psychology lab in order to broaden his scientific pursuits. He is academically published and has won multiple regional and state Science Fair Awards. Outside of science, he is a fencer competing on the national and regional circuit and also conducts work in two mental health nonprofits. His hobbies include PC gaming, history, and begging his parents for a dog. 

Surafel Geleta

Surafel Geleta is a high school sophomore in Houston, Texas. He has interests in development economics, poverty research, and patterns of development. He runs a blog found at Surafel reads and plays basketball in his free time.

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Anshal Vyas
Operations Manager

Anshal is a rising junior at Hightstown High School, with interests in Biology and Medicine. He holds leadership positions in both his Highschool's Red Cross club and DECA chapter. In his free time, he enjoys competing in DECA, and in the past year has advanced onto international competition to place 6th, along with weightlifting with friends.

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Soumya Rai
Editoral Lead

Soumya Rai is a senior at Washington High School. She is interested in pursuing a career in the field of neuroscience. In her free time, she enjoys painting, dancing, playing the clarinet, and volunteering.

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Madalyn Ramirez

Madalyn is a high school senior passionate about literature, education, and writing. She is looking forward to continuing her education at university next fall, where she hopes to study Comparative Literature or Creative Writing. In her spare time, you can find her blogging at, scribbling in journals, and creating first sentences for novels she will likely never write.

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Caroline Xue

Caroline Xue is a senior at Stanford Online High School. She is pursuing a career in oncology and enjoys exploring a diverse range of topics in biology, chemistry, medicine, technology, and philosophy in her free time. Outside of academics, she loves to play ice hockey and her favorite tv show is that 70s show.

Sarah Strick

Sarah is a senior currently residing in Alberta, Canada. Sarah hopes to becomes a lawyer, likely practicing criminal defence and corporate law, after pursuing an undergraduate education in the humanities or business. In her free time Sarah likes to read, compete in long-distance track and field events, and watch Netflix!

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Zizheng Liu

Zizheng William Liu is a senior from Texas. He is deeply interested in mathematics and the sciences, especially biology, chemistry, and physics. Moreover, he is an avid writer, with over a dozen literary works in various online literary journals and magazines. In his spare time, he loves to play basketball with his peers, binge the latest Netflix shows, and snap photographs with his Canon Rebel camera.

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Ehsas Kakkar

Ehsas Kakkar is a senior who currently resides close to Mumbai, India. He is interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine, and has a deep interest in the field of psychology, international relations, and public health. Ehsas spends his free time writing and running!

Avyakta Voruganti

Avyakta is a sophomore currently residing in Bangalore, India, studying at National Public School, Koramangala. Avyakta aspires to becomes a bio-physicist, and is very interested in Climate Change, Global Warming and Sustainable Development. In his free time Avyakta plays basketball, enjoys reading novels and playing the guitar. 

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