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Community Outreach 

The Curieux Academic Journal is dedicated to helping students improve their academic writing as well as provide them with opportunities to grow and pursue their passions. Here, we outline Community  Projects that accomplish these goals and serve our nation's youth. 


The Curieux Scholarship Award

The Curieux Academic Journal is dedicated to helping students explore their passions by providing them with unique tools and opportunities.  The Curieux Scholarship Award is a scholarship presented to economically disadvantaged or underrepresented groups to aid them in their future endeavors, whether it be scientific research or extracurricular activities. Of the applicants, the journal will support  3 individuals who have demonstrated significant academic or extracurricular interest  with the sum of $500 each. Applications are currently open!

Additional details can be found in the Curieux Scholarship Award page under Community Projects tab. 

University Building

Climate Change Advocacy

Details to be available soon. 


Students Helped

Over the course of its operation, the Curieux Academic Journal has served hundreds of students and helped them grow in their academic and   extracurricular interests. Linked below are some of the extraordinary student who have overcome challenges and risen to become better writers, researchers, and student leaders. 

High school or college students studying and reading together in library education concept
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