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Curieux Scholarship Award

The Curieux Scholarship Award is a scholarship that aims to help economically disadvantaged or underrepresented groups by providing funding to support a research project of their interests.


The Curieux Academic Journal is dedicated to helping students explore their passions and expand their curiosity by providing them with unique tools and opportunities. We believe that research should be accessible to all students regardless of background. Therefore, the Curieux Academic Journal has decided to sponsor a scholarship that aims to help students achieve their research goals. Applicants are expected to submit a project proposal detailing a project that they would like to pursue including its financial cost. The Journal will then support three individuals who have demonstrated significant academic or extracurricular interest  with the sum of $500 each.

Application Guidelines 
  •  Applicants must be current middle or high school students 

  • Students must submit a detailed project proposal which includes an outline of the research project, projected timeline, projected costs, and rationale for the study 

  • Applicants must not conduct projects that do harm or injury to humans or other animals

  • Applicants must not conduct projects that have significant risks including toxic chemicals, dangerous bacterial strains, or any other risks 

  • Application opens on April 1st and closes June 20th at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time 

  • Winners will be announced around mid-July

  • If you have any questions, please email us at:

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