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Zaina Taha

Student Researcher

My name is Zaina Taha, and I am a rising junior at Durham Academy. In my free time, I enjoy jewelry making, baking, and writing. I am also incredibly interested in the field of medicine, and enjoy volunteering at hospitals and shadowing doctors. At school, I am involved in Speech and Debate, Varsity Track and Field, the Student Academic Committee, and my school's newspaper.

Research has always been extremely important to me, as it allows me to delve deep into various subjects and explore new perspectives. Moreover, research empowers me to connect with a wider audience. As an introvert, the act of writing allows me to bypass the challenges of face-to-face interactions. It provides a comfortable space where I can fully express myself without feeling overwhelmed by social interactions. Through my research, I can communicate my interests---including the brain, the heart, and various historical events related to the religion of Islam---and share my expertise.

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