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Siddhant Jhawar

Student Researcher

Siddhant Jhawar is currently a rising junior at Daly College, Indore, India. Being an aficionado for the fields, Siddhant was motivated to write a multidisciplinary research paper on mathematics and macroeconomics, which focused on determining the relationship between crude oil prices and the Nigerian Economy.  He hopes to expand on his current research in college; wherein, he wishes to analyze whether the strong relationship is a result of Nigeria acting as a proxy for the economic boom in OPEC nations.  

Coming from an economically disadvantaged background, Siddhant has overcome many challenges and has worked hard to write a compelling research paper. His paper represents an outstanding study in the interdisciplinary relations between social sciences and mathematics. The Curieux Academic Journal was happy to help Siddhant in his journey and provide the necessary funding and resources to publish his work. 

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