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Saif Ahmed

Student Researcher

I'm Saif Ahmed, a determined student from Chennai, India. Despite financial challenges, I'm dedicated to excelling academically. Biology fascinates me, especially the complexities of life and healthcare's impact. I've delved into space research and healthcare, merging two passions. My journey includes leading a team in the NSS Space Settlement Design Contest and presenting at ISDC 2019. Beyond academics, I find joy in football, reading, writing, and music.

I am an aspiring medical student, with a passion in research process and methodologies. I'm highly interested in clinical research, wanting to start publishing in the field as early as med school. This paper is the stepping stone to such ambitions. The focus of my paper is on the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare—a topic that has received relatively less attention in academic discourse. This particular field holds immense promise for revolutionizing healthcare practices, making it an area of great personal interest to me.

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