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Nora Kaizer

Student Researcher

My name is Nora Kaizer and I attend Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have always had a passion for business which led me to conduct this research and pursue a degree in commerce at Queen's University in the upcoming years. In school, I love to challenge myself by taking advanced courses and french immersion. Aside from my courses, I dedicate a lot of my time to being student body president at my school, a Duke of Edinburgh Award leader as well as participate in many other clubs and activities.

I conducted this research because I have a passion for business, the economy and the environment. Looking into the future at how the economy must adapt to combat climate change, especially considering not much research has been conducted on recycled or remanufactured solar panels specifically, and that climate change has become a pressing issue over the past few decades, this research was conducted to create a starting point for a new economy to be introduced. 

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