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Arshan Khatri

Student Researcher

Having a genetic disorder myself really makes me ponder over the Human body. The  intricacies and complexities of day-to-day function that we are so used to, I believe,  are enough to light up the room of awareness and introspection for me. I enjoy researching, listening to audiobooks, podcasts and more. My interest lies in  scientific research focused on Immunology and genetic diseases. My goal is to study  clinical investigation at Harvard Medical School.

From where I am—India—doing research and critical thinking is practically unheard of.  Growing out of that bubble and my interest in infectious diseases led me to conduct this research. I wanted to understand how diseases spread and how trials are conducted. I  learned public behavior, the importance of scientific methods and a plethora of other  information. Perhaps I can bring about a positive change in the realm of genetics and genetic disorders  through my passion in the subject; that is what keeps me moving forward.

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