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Arailym Kairolda

Student Researcher

I am a 10th grade student, top of my class and have a strong interest in literature. I have been running a literature club for two years now, where I regularly give lectures on prose and poetry and their relationship to art. I am independently engaged in the translation of Sappho into Kazakh, which is the first work in the world to translate Ancient Greek into Kazakh.

My main academic interests are the classics and literature. The poetic side of literature appeals to me for its almost scientific rigor, but also for its expanse of fabula. I want to explore how far one can go in terms of distortion without breaking laws. Scientific research is the best practical way to do this. Literature is, in my opinion, the most sophisticated reflection of human history with all its aspects, even pragmatic ones. The literature of the ancient world allows us to draw political, economic, sociological, demographic and psychological conclusions about the society of that era.

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