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Past Issues

Here, we feature published Issues by the Curieux Academic Journal. Each Issue is listed below and labeled with its Issue number, month published, and key words that help illustrate the articles found in each issue. This page is updated continually so make sure to check back for new Issues. 

Journal ISSN: 2769-6359

Embryonic Stem Cells

March 2017

Pharmaceutical Drugs, The study of free will, Food engineering, Test Taking Physiology 


August 2017

Technology AI, Feminism, Fast Food Consumption, Medical Care, Social Media 

Crane lifting on construction site

February 2019

Mental health, Economics, Astronomy, Gerrymandering, Computer Science

Roll Film

October 2020

Police Bias, Antisemitism, Film Influence on Societal Issues, Cyber Bullying 

Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes

January 2021

Opioid Epidemic, Novel Breast Cancer Treatment, Asian American Hate

Covid 19

March 2021

 SARS-CoV-2 Virus, Chinese-American Immigration Stories, Communism in Europe

Beautiful Coral

May 2021

Genetic Modification in Plants, Marine Ecosystems, The Enigma Machine

Camel and Pyramids

October 2021

Egypt, Cancer Treatment, Social Science, Covid-19 Impact, Machine Learning

Election Day

November 2021

Democracy, Voting Rights and Participation, Plant Hormones and Root Microbiome

Image by CDC

December 2021

Politics in Pakistan, Neurological Disorders, Drug Discovery in Machine Learning 

Solar Panels

January 2022

Clean Energy, Carbon Recapture Technolagy, Stock Markets, Impact of Covid-19

Image by Vasily Koloda

Febuary 2022

Public Policy, Covid-19, School Education Systems, Forced Labor in Developing Countries

In the crowds

March 2022

Impact of Music on Neuro-Development, Novel Cancer Treatment, British Colonialism 


April 2022

Technology, United States History, STEM Cells, Groupthink, Classical Literature


May 2022

Environmental Protection, Representation In Media, AIDS Epidemic, Colorism

Colorful Buildings

June 2022

Politics, Economic Disparity, Architecture, Literature, Biological Innovation in STEM

Soccer at the Beach

July 2022

Olympics, Automation In Food Industry, Behavioral Biases, Social Media Impact on Youth

Industrial Art

August 2022

Big Data, Plane Engine Failure, Consequences of the Industrial Revolution, Mental Illness

Wall Plates

September 2022

South Korea Politics, Eating Disorders, Gender Constructs, War Ethics

Fish in Envelope

October 2022

Mental Health, Sharks, Marine Biology, Democracy, Women In China

Greek Island

November 2022

European Art, Buildings, Smart Treadmill, Public Policy, Computer Vision


December 2022

Environmental Economics, Photovoltaic Cell Technology, Solar Panels

Graffiti on Painting

January 2023

Classical Art, Computer Ethics, Machine Learning, Smile Design, Public Policy

Chinese Medicine

February 2023

Food Nutrition, Spices, Apple GMO, Plant Biology and Research

Traditional Lanterns

March 2023

Plastic Waste, Eastern Literature, Mental Health, Asian Culture and Heritage

Image by Jackson Sophat

April 2023

Racism and Inequality, AI Generated Art, Bilingualism, Emerging Technologies

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